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Secondary Transfer Test Data

The information below covers the Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Test (STT) results and the allocation of grammar school places in Buckinghamshire from 2019 entry – information for 2016-18 is also available. The statistics are prepared by Buckinghamshire Council who administers the testing process on behalf of The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (TBGS). Test data is published as it becomes available throughout the year.

When the statistics are produced assumptions are made. These are explained at the top of each data set. Steps also need to be taken to ensure that the statistics do not allow individual children to be identified. Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, statistics that might reveal personal Information about individuals is covered by an exemption. For this reason, in order to comply with Section 40 of the Act (a Data Protection Act exemption), any figure that is less than 5 in the data sets is shown as <5. In addition, data is suppressed if the figure provided would allow another figure that is less than 5 to be calculated.

2024 entry

2023 entry

2022 entry

2021 entry

2020 entry

2019 entry

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