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Royal Latin Outreach

Each year the Royal Latin School Science Department provides outreach opportunities for over 1,000 pupils of all abilities and backgrounds from its feeder primary schools. 


In the Autumn Term staff and students take a 'Road Show' to work with Year 2 pupils for a week of activities.  In the Summer Term the school invites Year 5 pupils into work with it for 3 days in the Discovery Centre.  The pupils enjoy a range of activities including:

  • using normal household items to test for their relative acid/alkaline indicators

  • data logging exercises to check chemical reactions of metals and acids (including the use of probes to measure temperature changes)

  • using smart paint to observe thermochromic, photochromic and flourescent changes. 


The photos show pupils from a Buckingham school enjoying the activities with Year 12 student helpers from the Royal Latin.

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